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Learning basics of Tree and Binary Search Tree: part1

In this article, we will discuss tree data structure and binary search tree or BST in short.The topics will spread over 3 parts. In the first part, the following topic will be discussed:

  1. Introduction and basic Terminology

  2. Intuition of Binary Search Tree

  3. Implementation of BST using Array and its disadvantage

In the second part, operation on the tree data structure will be discussed including search, finding min, max,delete and tree traversal including in-order, post order and preorder traversal.Python implementation will also be included.

In the third part, expression trees and application BST will be discussed.Extension of BST and other terminologies related to trees will be discussed.

This tutorial is heavily inspired from the AppliedAI appliedCourse data structure tutorial. Most of the concepts are learned from there. Also tried compiling materials from the text books like Intro to Algorithms, Algorithm Design and applications by Goodrich and Tamassia. One of the objectives of the article series is to introduce the concepts of the data structure. All the content of the article is for learning purpose and not intended for any other purpose.

Tree and Binary Search Tree
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